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1. Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

The function of incoming quality control (IQC) is to ensure the quality of material inventory. After the demand on material order is released, the materials supplied by the supplier need to be checked for acceptance. The departments mainly involve the purchasing department, warehouse, quality department and engineering department. The warehouse clerk informs the quality supervisor to inspect the materials (material inspection form), and the quality supervisor shall count the quantity and check the materials (IQC inspection report)-qualified materials (in-warehouse); unqualified materials (special procurement/return). The engineering department confirms the first material and supervises the quality specification during the batch production process, and feeds it back to the quality department and the purchasing department (IPQC audit record form and quality feedback notice) to improve the yield rate of process products and reduce costs.

2. In Production Inspection Control (IPQC/PQC)

The production department arranges materials on the machine and arranges production according to the production plan/production order/customer order requirements. After the production is completed, the quality department conducts inspection according to the product inspection standards (check the production order, order information and related requirements). For parts without surface treatment, they are transferred to the packaging department for packaging and shipment; for parts that require surface treatment, the dimensional tolerances are checked to meet the standards and then transferred to the production department for surface treatment. After the treatment is completed, the quality department will once again conduct a comprehensive inspection of the product appearance and color. Any abnormal quality problems will be reported to the production department in time and a solution will be proposed.

3. Final Quality Control (FQC)

FQC (doing the overall check on quality inspection of the product), including re-checking the appearance and performance and packaging and shipping. The packaging department should review the appearance and surface of the parts at the time of shipment, including processing burrs, removing edges, sharp corners, and smoothing. After that, the qualified parts transferred from the quality department will be shipped according to the delivery order.

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