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Automatic Bicycle Industry

Automatic Bicycle Industry

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ANXIN works with professional bicycle firms from USA/Canada to produce prototypes and volume production parts. Through 3-, 4- or 5-axis CNC machining, Wire EDM, CNC Turning, CAD/CAM, and CMM inspection, we fulfill project requirements with pinpoint accuracy and fast turnaround times for some projects regarding bicycle metal or plastic products. 

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Applications of CNC Machining in Bicycle Industry

•Structural/Functional parts


•Bottom Bracket Components

•Split Belt Drive Kit

•Speed Belt Drive

•OEM Tensioners


Materials Used inAutomatic Bicycle Products

Automatic bicycle products require pinpoint accuracy in every aspect. ANXIN is with all the precision tools necessary for an bicycle shop and uses only the highest quality materials.

Normal materials used including:

•Aluminum: 2024/5052/6061, 7075...

•Steel/Stainless steel: 8620/440C/SS304/SS316/17-4PH...

•Plastic: POM, Nylon, HDPE, Glass Filled Nylon...


Production Crafts/Methods

Our CNC machining, turning and milling systems are capable of manufacturing parts with precision and speed.

A value-driven range of processes including:




•Hard Turing

•Outer Grinding








•Heat Treatment...


Highlights of ANXIN Machining Services for Bicycle Industry

The following advantages have helped us build a long list of repeated clients in the bicycle industry:

•Vast experience in ultra-precision machining of bicycle accessories. Using only the best CNC machines, which are calibrated to 5 axis, lathe work, and wire EDM.

•Our facility is ISO compliant and dedicated to quality. To ensure the highest level of precision, our facility is dust, and temperature controlled.

•Case hardenedchrome and nickel-plated for exceptional abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistant tooth facing for longer life of your components


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